Friday, October 31, 2014 Home for The Most Off Road Fun!

    Let me see a show of hands; how many of you have already started your holiday shopping? And I don’t mean the small stuff; I am talking about the big ticket items. The ones that cost hundreds, even thousands of dollars? If you have gift to buy this year and you haven’t started saving, you’re in luck. Read on to find out why.

     Ditch the expensive jewelry and the trip to Disneyland and get something the family will really like. An off-road vehicle from! The team over at have put together a special Halloween deal for you that will put one of their quality, dependable go karts or four wheelers in your garage today. Their off road vehicles offer more bang for the buck and more fun that your family has had in a long time.

     With top brands such as Roketa, Tao Tao ATV, Kandi and more, has your off road needs covered. From four wheelers and two-seaters, to two wheelers and single seat vehicles that will add some excitement to your life, you can’t go wrong with these guys.

     Around since 2009, has been offering a higher level of service and support to their customers and are always dedicated to the customer’s complete satisfaction. They offer low prices, fast shipping and right now, with their Halloween sale going on, you can get 30% off any Go Kart or ATV and get free shipping and a 1 year warranty to go along with it! What’s not to like? has many vehicles to choose from and they offer ATV’s and go karts for both children and adults. Gas or electric, they have a vehicle to suit everyone’s needs and everyone’s budget. Visit them today.

     You can visit at their website or find them on Facebook, Twitter or any of your favorite social media channels. Whichever you choose, you can’t go wrong with these guys. They will sell you one of the most popular off road vehicles ever made at a price you can afford. Call them today and order one (or two) for yourself and save money while having the time of your life!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014 Source for Premium Car Wraps

     Just last week I was polishing my car's finish after tediously waxing it and I noticed a few things. The paint near the fender wells was starting to fade and there were small chips all over the front bumper and hood. It looked terrible and even worse now that I know they are there. We all know that this is just the beginning of surface corrosion and, inevitably, rust. I like my car and am planning on keeping it for a few more years which means I need to call a good paint shop and start setting aside some cash because we all know that body shops aren't cheap.   

     When I was looking for a good body shop, I got sidetracked by a picture of a BMW that was painted black as night. I had to click on it and see more and it was then that I realized that the car wasn’t painted at all. In fact, it was wrapped in a matte black body wrap that gave it a flawless, ominous appearance. Vehicle body wraps are the latest thing when it comes to making your exotic or performance car stand out from the rest. Vehicle wraps can be used on almost any car, truck, ATV or trailer and they can really transform the appearance from ho-hum to amazing!

     The company that did the wrap is called Custom Wraps and they are out of Toronto, Canada. Custom Wraps features the industry’s finest vehicle wraps and have many finishes to choose from including matte, glossy and chromes. You can even get a full body carbon fiber wrap and I have seen one of their projects done in brushed blue steel and it looked unreal. I like the matte finishes the best and they even come in colors, not just black. All of their wraps fully protect your original paint from gravel chips, insects, UV rays and the elements. And, they don’t harm your paint at all and make your vehicle look incredible! In less time than you know and for less than the price of a factory paint job, your car can be wrapped and transformed into something incredible.

     Every Custom Wraps is installed by a team of professionals assuring you that your car is in good hands and the wrap will be installed the right way the first time. They are even certified by 3M and Avery Dennison, two of the more prominent vehicle wrap manufacturers. Their installers have from 5 to 13 years of experience installing vehicle wraps. And being 3M preferred means that they had special training at 3M facilities and then had to pass 2 days of rigorous testing. It isn’t easy to become a 3M Preferred installer. Think about it, there are less than 10 of them in the whole GTA and their installer, Alex Severin, is the only 3M certified installer in Scarborough!

     The main reason Custom Wraps is considered by many to be the best in the industry is there free replacement policy. When you visit their site you will see the other reason, their work. Custom Wraps not only look good, but they are made to last. Your car’s appearance will be dramatically changed and you won’t ever want to go back to a painted finish again.

When you order a wrap from Custom Wraps you can be 100% sure that:

             There will not be any cheap materials used.

             All technical bulletins, instructions and best practices will be followed.

             No damage will be made to your car’s paint.

             A comprehensive warranty will be given both on the materials and installation.

             There will not be vinyl failures due to poor installation.

     You can find Custom Wraps on Facebook, where you can find more pictures of cars in their wraps. Go on over to the Custom Wraps website and find out how you can get one installed on your car and how to take care of it and keep it looking good. Custom Wraps offers vehicle wraps for all makes and models of luxury and exotic cars including BMW, Mercedes, Jaguar and Audi as well as a full line of truck, trailer and ATV wraps. No matter which product you choose, you are sure to get the highest quality and best look for your money, guaranteed.

     Go on over to their website and see what they have for you and your vehicle. You will be amazed at how good a full body vehicle wrap will make your car look and how much it will stand out. I'm contacting them soon about getting a wrap for my project and so should you.

Sunday, October 26, 2014 Information Your Dealership Needs

     Today we have a special guest blogger, a local independent car dealer named Jon Terns, He owns Lakeshore Auto and offers some of the best deals in town on low mileage used cars. But before I get too far into sounding like an advertisement for his dealership, I will let him take over and provide our readers with some weekly entertainment.

     Hi, my name is Jon and I own and operate Lakeshore Auto. A lot of people think that the life of a used car salesman is easy; you just put some cars on your lot and people will come buy them. It’s actually a lot more involved than that and there are some pitfalls to the used car industry. The one main obstacle that all dealerships face it finding cars to put on their lots. Granted, there is a never ending supply of used cars on the market today, but for a used car dealer, we all have to wait in line at an auction and spend most of the day bidding on cars to get the best deals so we can pass those savings on to our customers. If we didn’t sell our cars for a low price, we would go out of business so the auctions are a very important place for us.

     I am fortunate enough to have over 100 dealer-only auto auctions within a two or three state drive and that gives me a wide range of choices. I have been in business for over 20 years and I have the knowledge and experience to decide which auctions are right for me and when. A lot of new dealers don’t have this experience and they are left guessing. To help these new guys, and gals, out, I am going to let you in on a little secret about an online resource that many of us car dealers use to decide which auctions we will go to and which ones we will skip.

     The website is called Auto Auction Review and it is just that, a review site that provides useful information about local and national auto auctions and provides real reviews from real dealers. lets you search by location and allows you to decide which auto auction is right for you based on the trusted reviews of dealers nationwide.

     If you are new to the game or you just want to check out and out of state auto auction, is the first place to go. Unbiased reviews, useful information and an online community of auto dealers working together to make the industry better. You can even leave a review of your own and let others know about a particularly good auto auction in your area. is a great place for car dealers to network, find new auctions and learn about which ones to avoid. If you are a new or used car dealer and you need stock for your lot, check first and be in the know.

Westshore Driving School-Trusted, Experienced, Affordable

     Let me see a show of hands, how many of you out there rely on your local school system to teach your teens how to drive? Or worse yet, you try to do it yourself only feeling stressed and ready to pull your hair out? Put the keys away, there is a better way!

    If you live in Victoria, BC, then you have probably already heard of Westshore Driving School; after all, they are the region’s most effective driver training service and one of the best in the country. For those of you who live in the area and haven’t heard about Westshore Driving School, read on because this will be beneficial to you if you have children getting close to driving age or you know an older adult that needs an affordable, reliable driving course to get their license.

     As I already said, Westshore Driving School is Victoria’s best driver training service and they have built a reputation in the area for being the most experienced and effective driving course provider around. With classes for teens, adults and seniors, Westshore Driving School is the only driver training course provider you will ever need.

Westshore Driving School provides a wide array of professional driver’s training courses to meet your needs including:

·         40+ years of professional driving experience

·         Licensed under the Motor Vehicle Act

·         First Time Drivers - Seniors

·         Locally owned and operated

·         Fully bonded    

     Westshore Driving School specializes in training new and nervous drivers and their world class instructors will take the time to teach them the right way to drive safely and confidently in no time. Every driver course that Westshore Driving School teaches is state approved and designed to help new drivers pass their driving tests and receive their license. Their training cars are among the easiest in the world to learn on and they make the process stress-free and easy for students to learn on. They even offer lessons in French and English to ensure every students’ needs are met.

     To learn more about Westshore Driving School and their acclaimed driver courses offered in Victoria, BC, contact them through their website or visit them at their convenient location.

     You can also find Westshore Driving School on Facebook, Twitter or any of your favorite social media channels. If you need reliable driver’s training for yourself or your teen, contact them today and leave the driving (training) to them!

     Westshore Driving School proudly serves these local areas: Colwood, Langford, Metchosin, Sooke, View Royal, Highlands, Saanich, Oak Bay, Esquimalt, Victoria, and Sidney.

Friday, October 24, 2014

The UK's Top Choice for Vehicle Leases

     Here is a post that I am sure a lot of my UK fans will like. If you live in the UK and are looking for a new car this year, you have to read this post as it has some very useful information about the UK’s premier auto leasing company.
     1st Leasing has over 20 years if experience in automotive finance and they can handle all of your personal and business leasing needs. Their innovative way of doing business has made them the UK’s most sought after vehicle finance company and they often have the cheapest leasing deals around. They offer more makes and models than their competitors, better financing options and personalized service with every sale; what more could you want?
     1st Leasing can custom-tailor a funding package that meets your needs and works for you in the real world. Imagine owning a car that you would normally not be able to afford; with leasing, you can and 1st Leasing has hundreds of options waiting for you today.

     Whether you need a vehicle for personal use or a fleet of vehicles for your business or professional delivery service, 1st Leasing can provide you with a lease that you can live with. Their knowledgeable, experienced team of professionals is dedicated to your satisfaction and will work with you to ensure you get the vehicle you need. With leasing, you have a set monthly cost, a brand new car and most other costs can often be included into the lease package itself.

     You can check out their website for more information and if you don’t see a lease package that works for you, 1st Leasing can create one that you’ll like. They will arrange nationwide delivery of your lease vehicle and when the lease duration is over, you just bring the car back and find another one you like.
     The world of auto leasing is often full of companies that don’t care about your needs, endless paperwork, too short or not enough mile lease and other pitfalls that may make your life difficult. 1st Leasing has put an end to all of that and they make leasing your next car easier than ever; they truly care about their customers.

     You can find 1st Leasing on Twitter and LinkedIn or just visit their easy to use website and see what they have for you today. You next car is waiting for you at 1stLeasing, call them today.

Friday, October 10, 2014

The Torch Tamer For Safer Soldering and Brazing

     Five. That’s how many torch tips I have purchased this year alone. If you are like me, you probably use your propane torch extensively in your shop or garage. From brazing and soldering of pipe fittings, to heating up bolts, breaking through rust and just all around hard use, our torches go through a lot. They get banged around, they fall off work benches and they tip over constantly. Sure, you can try those little stubby cans, but they are really hard to hold and use effectively. They were a great idea, just designed by someone who doesn’t work in a shop setting.

     There has to be a better way to keep your torch upright and keep it from falling over every time you set it down right? There is and I just bought it! It’s called The Torch Tamer and it is an ingenious device that holds your propane torch for you while you are not using it. If you are in the middle of heating up a bolt and need to get the wrench on it quickly, now you have a place to set your torch without worrying about it falling over and burning your leg (yes, I have done that many times!). Maybe you are soldering a pipe fitting and your cell phone rings. Safely place your torch in The Torch Tamer and now you can answer your phone without worrying about a hot, or even a live, torch creating an unsafe environment in your work space. With The Torch Tamer, you never have to lay your torch on its side again!

     Maybe I sound like an advertisement for The Torch Tamer and, if so, I don’t mind. I really like this product and if it save me from having to spend $25 on a new torch tip every 2 months, I will tell everyone I know about it. I bought mine from their link on Amazon and paid less than 8 bucks for it. When you compare that to the cost of a new tip, a burned leg, or worse, a fire, it’s a big savings.

     You can even use The Torch Tamer as a torch holder. Just place your torch in the stand and aim it where you need it. Now, you have two hands for tools, solder or anything else you need to do while The Torch Tamer safely holds your torch keeping it from tipping over.

     Whether you do a lot of soldering and use your torch regularly, or you just use it once in a while and need a safe place to store it while not in use, The Torch Tamer is perfect for you. Buy one today, you’ll be glad you did!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Do You Need to Cover Your Car?

     Does everyone know what silly string is? What about tree sap, bird dropping and acid rain? These re all things that are cars, trucks and SUV’s face every single day. Well, maybe yours doesn’t have to face the silly string every day, but I am sure it has some other potential hazard to deal with on a routine basis. The reason I am asking you all of this is not because I have dreams and aspirations of becoming a teacher one day and I wanted to throw a pop quiz at you; far from it. I am asking my readers if they know what is attacking their car’s paint every day while it is parked outside in the elements.

     There are many potential environmental dangers to your car’s paint that are working their way through the wax and the top coat right now as you read this. Don’t stop reading though, the information that follow is of great importance to you and you just might learn something about how to protect your car’s paint.

     First of all, anything, and I do mean anything, that adheres itself to your car’s paint will begin destroying the top coat and, sooner than later, eat away at your paint and your car’s body. What can you do to protect it? Aside from routine washes, hand waxing your car with expensive carnauba wax, keeping it parked in a sealed, climate controlled garage and using a very large umbrella over it while driving it in the rain (don’t laugh, this will become big in Japan very soon!) there isn’t much you can do to protect your car from the elements.

     There is one other thing that you can do and it works very well to protect your automotive investment; you could purchase a car cover and keep your car well protected when it is parked inside or out. There are many companies selling car covers that are designed to protect your car from whatever want to feed on it protective surface, but there is only one online resource that helps you wade through the 1,000’s of companies to find the one that suits your needs and the needs of your car.

     It’s called and they are one of the best online resources for researching car covers and finding the best places online to buy them. From universal car covers, to a custom fit model that will cover and protect your car for many years to come, has the information you need, when you need it.

     Your car is being attacked by the elements every day, do something to protect it. Visit and learn more about how to protect your automotive investment and how to find the perfect car cover for your car today. After the last silly string incident from the neighbor’s kids, I am buying a car cover for mine now and I found it on with a link that is going to save me money!

Johnny Law Motors For all of Your Hot Rod Needs

     Show of hands guys (and girls), who’s building a street rod this winter? Congrats and good luck to everyone who is and keep reading as I have some important news that you don’t want to miss. Now, if I could just get this webcam thing to work, you would see that my hand is also raised as I am building a 32 Track T for an Autism Awareness event coming up late next year. It will be my first build in a while after taking many years off from the Hot Rod scene and focusing mainly on vintage motorcycles and race bikes.

     I have noticed that there aren’t a lot of differences in the cars and the techniques, it’s the parts sourcing that has changed. It’s actually much easier now that everything can be ordered online and shipped right to my door. Gone are the days of the local speed shops and, although they were fun places to visit, they didn’t usually carry a wide supply on hand. What I did find was an online retailer has that more than enough parts in stock and they will treat you like you were actually in their showroom. It’s called Johnny Law Motors and they are the number one provider of quality Hot Rod, Street Rod and vintage car parts in the world!

     Headquartered in Portland, Oregon and serving the global hot rodding community, Johnny Law Motors offers the largest online selection of auto parts and auto accessories. Their ridiculously low prices make almost any street rod project affordable and they even offer FREE hot rod car club group rewards, daily deals over 50% off and FREE shipping! That’s a deal that’s hard to beat!

     With over 100,000 parts in stock for cars spanning from Model A's to today’s Volkswagen’s, Johnny Law Motors has something for everyone. Whether you are a Hot Rodder, Street Rodder, Vintage or Classic Guy, you will find something for your next project on their easy-to-use website. Johnny Law Motors even carries parts and accessories for you truck and muscle car guys and girls. From classic and vintage-era parts to some of today’s most sophisticated electronic ignitions for you street car, you will always get the best price and the best service with Johnny Law Motors.

     You can visit them online at or visit them in their well-stocked showroom in Portland; either way, you will always get the best parts and the best prices at Johnny Law Motors. Visit them today and see what they have in store for you!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Best Used BMW's in Toronto!


     If you are in the Toronto area and you are looking for your next car, I am going to let you in on a little secret that a good friend of mine told me. He was in the market for a new BMW but he had been searching and searching locally for a good deal. Anyone who knows BMW’s, knows that they are one of the best vehicles on the road and you would also know that new ones can be expensive and, because of the high demand, there aren’t very many deals to be had. What does all of this have to do with the secret I was going to let you in on? Well, after weeks of searching for a deal on a new one, he was relegated to looking for a used one that was almost new, but had that used car sticker price.

     This is what led him to look closer to the Toronto area and a dealership call Luxury Auto Sales. They have the best prices and the best cars out of any other dealership around. These guys are THE PLACE to buy your used BMW in the Greater Toronto area, or anywhere else for that matter! They have the best selection and Luxury Auto Sales has set the standard for quality used BMW’s in Toronto.

     I checked out their website online and it has more used BMW’s than you could imagine; most of them very low miles and all of them in excellent shape. I think a used car should look like a used car, especially when you factor in the savings or buying brand new, but Luxury Auto Sales thinks a used car should look and feel brand new so they go through every car they sell to ensure it is in perfect condition from top to bottom. If you are looking for a used BMW in Toronto, why would you shop anywhere else?

     Luxury Auto Sales serves the Vaughan, Toronto, Brampton, North York and Mississauga areas and carry a full line of used cars from BMW, Audi and Mercedes as well as many others. If it‘s a high end sports sedan, chances are, you’ll find it at Luxury Auto Sales and you’ll get a good deal on it. Visit them online, or stop in at their showroom in Woodbridge, whichever you choose, you will always find a good deal on a used BMW at Luxury Auto Sales.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

The FREE List of Bank & Credit Union Repo Sales

     I don’t know about the rest of you, but one of my hobbies when I was younger was spending hours on the weekends searching for that one special project car that I could take home and make new again. I had visions of finding an elusive model just waiting to be turned back into that street machine that it once was.

     Many years, and many cars, later, I don’t think there are any more of those special cars out there for us. The scrapyards have all been picked over and all that’s left is parts for today’s cars and trucks with the random rusted out Chevelle here and there. Today, my hobby has gone from searching the scrapyards for a diamond in the rough, to searching the repo lots for a car that is flip-worthy and can make me some extra money. I have even found a couple that I would sell my own car to have!

     The repo lots offer us the ability to find a car that we might not normally be able to afford at a much lower price. Remember, repo lots sell the cars for what is owed on them, not for what they are worth; this means great cars and big savings for you and me.

     When someone defaults on their car loan, the bank or credit union will repossess that car, truck or SUV and sell it for what is still owed on it. This means that you can find incredible deals on cars all over the country. How do you know where to look for these cars? That’s the easy part! Not many repo lots advertise their products or selection and searching online can be quite time consuming. What do you do? You go on over to and let them do the searching for you! is a free nationwide resource for buyers looking to purchase repossessed cars, trucks, motorcycles and from local credit unions and banks. Whether you live in Anchorage or Tallahassee, you are sure to find a repo lot near you on

     With, you will never pay retail for a used car ever again! They will help you find the car you are looking for in any part of the country quickly and easily. Whether you are looking for your kid’s first car, a used car for yourself or one to flip and make a little extra profit, is your trusted online repo lot resource.

     Visit their website today, and start searching for your next car tomorrow! Remember it’s and they are standing by to serve your needs and help you find the car of your dreams that fits your budget.