Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Resetting A Pontiac G6's Tire Pressure Monitor System

      If you own a Pontiac G6 and have recently rotated your tires, you might notice that your TPMS warning light is on. There is no need to take it to the dealer or even a local repair shop. You can re-set the system on your own and get the light to turn off.             It's a simple procedure that I will show you now.

- First make sure your compressor has enough air to re-inflate your tires if need be. If you don't own a compressor you can use the one at the local gas station.

- With the engine OFF and the key ON, set your parking brake.

- Press and hold the Lock and Unlock button on your keyless entry remote for about 5 seconds or until the horn chirps two times.

- Remove the valve stem cover on the driver's side front tire and press the center stem valve to release air for 10 seconds. Now wait for the horn to chirp, maybe about 30 seconds or so. The exterior lights will flash as well.

- Now repeat this procedure for the rest of the tire going around the vehicle in a clockwise manner. Passenger side front, then passenger rear and, finally, driver's side rear.

- After completing the above procedure on the driver's side rear tire, you will wait for the horn to chirp twice. This is telling you that the resetting procedure is complete.

- Air up the tires to the proper inflation level and replace the valve stem covers.

     That is all there is to it. It was quick and easy and you saved money and the hassle of taking your G6 in to the shop.


  1. Hi,

    I do not have a keyless entry for my 2008 Pontiac G8 and was wondering if there was way to reset this with out that. Thanks!

    1. For the G8, you need to use a scan tool capable of re-setting the TPMS. I use the Snap-On TPMS3.

  2. don't have key less entry or a reset button on dashboard

  3. Remember to check the pressure only when your car has been driven for less than a mile over the course of three hours or more. The air inside must be cool for a correct measurement, and driving all over kingdom-come moves that air around and heats it up.

  4. What pressure are the tires at the start of this procedure?


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