Friday, November 23, 2012

How To Replace A Volvo V70 Rear Window Wiper Motor

     With the onset of winter and all of the precipitation that it brings us, everyone should have their windshield wipers in good condition. And that includes the rear wipers for those of us whose cars are equipped with them. If your rear wiper motor has stopped working on you and you decided to "get by" without it all summer and into the rainy season, now is the time to replace it. I am going to go through the replacement of the rear window wiper motor on a Volvo V70. It isn't very difficult and by following along, you will save a costly trip to the dealership. Not many tools are required for this repair: a flat screwdriver, a 10mm and 13mm socket and ratchet and this tutorial.

     - First, disconnect the negative terminal of your battery.

     - Now you can start the repair by using the flat screwdriver to remove the plastic cover over the rear wiper arm. It won't come completely off, it just flips back so you can access the 13mm nut that is holding the wiper arm onto the motor's shaft.

     - Remove the 13mm nut and gently pry the wiper arm off of the shaft and set it aside.

     - Now you can open the rear hatch. The first thing to remove is the inside rear hatch handle cover. Using the screwdriver, gently pry it upwards and then wiggle it out of the door. Next, remove the door panel partly. You can remove it all the way, but you don't need to. You just need to gain access to the electrical connector that is attached to the rear wiper motor and unplug it.

     - Remove the three 10mm bolts holding the wiper motor assembly in place and remove the wiper motor and it's assembly as one piece. Connect the electrical connector to the rear wiper motor assembly.

     - Install the new rear wiper motor assembly and bolt it down. Press the door panel in place being careful not to break any of the panel clips. Re-install the rear door handle cover and close the rear hatch.

     - Slide the wiper arm over the wiper motor's shaft and tighten down the 13mm nut. Place the plastic cover back over the assembly and re-connect the battery so that you can test the rear wiper motor's operation.

     With that installed and working properly, you will now be able to see out of the back window when the snow starts to get messy out there.


  1. I should have mentioned in the post that it only takes about a half hour or less to do this repair.

  2. What is the best way to remove and reattach the washer hose?


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