Wednesday, December 5, 2012

How To Replace A Camshaft Position Sensor On A Pontiac Grand Prix

     Do you need to replace your camshaft position sensor on your Pontiac Grand Prix 3.1 but aren't sure how to do it? Follow along an you will learn how to do this easy repair on your own and save a lot of money doing it.

- First, let your engine cool down a bit so you don't burn yourself and disconnect the negative battery terminal.

- Locate the camshaft position sensor, on the 3.1 liter engine it is just behind and below the power steering pump.

- Remove the serpentine belt by either using a serpentine belt removal tool or by inserting a 3/8 drive ratchet into the belt tensioner and pulling it toward the car's firewall. Slip the belt off as soon as you get some slack.

- Using a 13mm deep socket, start removing the power steering pump bolts. There are three of them and they are accessed though the pulley. You should be able to move the power steering pump and set it aside without having to undo the hoses going to it. On some Grand Prix's you will need to remove the alternator and it's bracket to do this but not all of them.

- Now you can see the camshaft position sensor and you can remove the bolt holding it down with an 8mm socket. Unplug the wiring connector also.

- Install the new sensor and bolt it down. Plug in the electrical connector and re-install the power steering pump.

- Re-install your serpentine belt making sure to use the diagram usually located under the hood.

- Connect the negative battery cable and start the vehicle to make sure it is working properly now.

     That's all there is to it, you just changed out your own camshaft position sensor and you saved some money too!

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