Thursday, May 23, 2013

Rebuilding A Harley Davidson CV Carburetor

  •      Rebuilding your carburetors yourself may seem like a daunting task but with a little bit of patience and some know-how, you can get it done in an afternoon and save yourself big bucks. Make sure you have a clean work area, I like to tape a piece of white poster board over the work bench so I can see all of the small parts and lose any of them. And when you order your rebuild kit, make sure it is for your model carburetor. The parts might look the same, but it does make a difference.
         Let's get started:
    - First, disconnect the fuel lines and drain the carbs. Remove the carbs from the intake manifold and check for any signs of leakage. If there is leakage, make a note of where it is leaking and take care of the leak before re-installing the carbs.
  • - Now remove the idle mixture screw making sure to count how many turns it takes. Write these down on your poster board/bench cover. Next, hold a flashlight to the intake side of the carb and inspect the bottom. You are looking to see if any light is getting through. If you see light through the carburetor, the throttle plate is worn and should be replaced.
    - Discard the old idle mixture screw. A lot of people check the old one to see if it is still good and re-use it. The kit comes with a new one and you should use it.

  • - Now remove the enrichment plunger nut and spring. Check the tip of the plunger to ensure it is not worn.
  • - Remove the screws from the bowl of the carb but do not remove the cap at this time. Set the screws aside so they don't get mixed with anything else.
  • - Now you will see the float pin screw, remove it, the float and the needle. Using the new parts from the kit, replace these items.
  • - Remove the seat from the bottom of the bowl and install the new one in it's place.
  • - Install the new nozzle O-ring.
  • - Clean up the float and check it for any holes. Install the new needle and place the entire unit back in the bowl. Always make sure all of the parts move freely and there is no binding.
  • - Flip the bowl over and remove the balls and O-rings from the casting. Replace these with the new ones from the rebuild kit. Also replace the seats, spring and diaphragm now.
  • - Install the new pump shaft and boot and the new bowl gasket securing it with the provided screws.
  • - Before bolting the carb back onto the manifold, re-install the cables and check operation of the carb's moving parts.
  • - Install the rebuilt carburetor onto the intake manifold.
  • - Install the new idle screw, turning it the exact number of turns that you wrote down during the removal. If the bike ran smoothly before rebuilding the carb, this is where you want the adjustment screw. You can make adjustments to get it running smoothly after you start the bike. 
    - Take the bike out for a test ride and ensure everything is working well.
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